Using only water and soil —De ELLA has orchestrated for its first capsule collection — a harmonious set of purposefully designed objects meant to accentuate tastings and experiences —of “her.”

The Black Clay Collection was born from the fires of a unique tree resin — and in black hole vessels lives the memories and medicine of another world.

We invite the spirits to play — and wish you many great discoveries.

The craft and exceptional technique of Lalo Martinez, the artisan behind De ELLA Black Clay Collection, was perfected over eight generations and is unknown anywhere else in the world.


Handcrafted through an intensive 30 day process — each De ELLA black clay piece — is made from hand-harvested Oaxacan clay — hand-smoothed with crystal quartz — and hand-fired in a natural wood kiln

De ELLA’s Black Clay Collection — is uniquely forged using a local tree resin — and not only decorative – but resistant to direct fire — Place it on a stove — cook on it — set it on fire — burn true copal — discover ancestral pleasures.

The wares can withstand direct contact with cooking fires and cleaning in the dishwasher without sacrificing the integrity or the hand polished, unglazed finish of the clay.

Mezcal Ritual

Gently pour into your palms. Wait before smelling. Rub both palms and hands together. Then slowly behind ears, behind neck.

Take a deep breath in your palms.
You will smell the sweet roast of the piñas (agave hearts).

Do not sip with a dry mouth. Moisten your lips. Then kiss the mezcal with a very tight, slow drawl.

Move the spirit around the inside of your mouth and gently down the chest. Allow your taste buds to adjust to the complex character.

The second sip is more true and open.
Kiss her and let the flavors wash over and through you. Breath out well.

Welcome to the magic of De ELLA.

To clean palate, consider a slice of orange or
grapefruit with De ELLA Sal de Chapulines.